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Welcome to the most reliable, trusted and affordable MOTORCYCLE WORKSHOP in DUBAI. We are a repair and service workshop for motorcycles, Scooters, Quads, Jetskis, motorised surfboards, jetboards, electric scooters, bikes and mopeds. Specialising in luxury motorcycles and fleet delivery vehicles.

One singular benefit at DUSEJA is its ‘Surgery’.  No matter which brand of bike you own, all brands are welcome and can be fixed, serviced and tweaked at the Duseja Workshop for motorcycles, scooters, quads, electric bikes and motorised surfboards. It is an open plan environment, where you can watch the experienced mechanics ply their skills to your own bike. Three work bays, complete with all the equipment, tools, hoists, compressors and diagnostics required for most jobs, are to hand – along with the final touch – a valet service.

In the case of a repair or service of your motorcycle, you will be advised of the requirements and the timing involved and kept aware of the progress at all times.

A repeated testimonial for our motorcycle workshop is very simple, “Whenever I ride out of here after a service, my bike feels just like new again!” It is great to know that and the mechanics enjoy hearing the words, too.

Each job sets the benchmark for the following one – the very reason why the Surgery is chosen by so many owners. The mechanics will operate on just about every motorcycle brand in existence. The envied reputation of the Surgery is well known throughout the UAE. It is only the brand-specific diagnostics, which must be fulfilled independently.

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